£3400 of software for £850! SAP Edge BI now available as a single user licence.

Changes to software licensing always make me groan – simplification normally means the price has increased. Anything else normally means it’s become more complex.

Edge BI is nice and simple – named or concurrent licences. You then get the kitchen sink of software thrown at you! Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports for Enterprise, Crystal Dashboard, Web Intelligence, Lumira Desktop, Mobile access, etc, etc. It really is a bargain.

The downside in the past had been a minimum purchase of 10 named licences. An additional complexity was that if you bought concurrent licences, you couldn’t have more named than concurrent. Straight out of the sales prevention text book!

That’s changed now, so no limit to how you mix and match your licences. More exciting though is that you can now buy a single licence for just £850. Ignore the server requirement, just think of the designers.

Look what you get and what it would normally cost:

Product Normal Price Comments
Crystal Reports £412
Crystal Dashboard £412
Crystal Reports for Enterprise £412 Not available standalone, assumed same price as regular Crystal Reports
Lumira Desktop Edition £706 Upgrade to server edition available
Web Intelligence £350 Not available standalone, rough price when added to SAP BI
SAP Business Objects Explorer £250 Not available standalone, rough price when added to SAP BI
Mobile BI £125 Price when added to Crystal Server
Edge User Licence £350 You need this to login to the server, this is all you get when you buy Crystal Server licences!

That’s a grand total of £3429! On top of that, you can buy maintenance so that you get free upgrades for the next 12 months. That’s something you can’t do when buying the individual design tools.
Even if you don’t bother to install the server, the design licences alone of Crystal Reports, Crystal Dashboard & Lumira Desktop Edition are worth over £1500.

I’m sure SAP haven’t quite worked out the benefits of just buying a single licence, so this may not stay around for long. For more details, fill in the form below:

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