Buying from You paid HOW MUCH?!? 2018 Update

(Updated August 2018 following SAP's price rise)

We don’t normally publish prices on this website. It’s not that we have something to hide, it’s just the complexity of SAP’s price list. There are two different distribution methods, each with its own price list. Each of these is potentially updated every month. That’s about 500 updates by the time you’ve allowed for maintenance, upgrades and the really obscure stuff. Life’s too short and nobody pays me to update this website!

However, I often check the prices of other resellers to ensure we’re competitive. Naturally, I include in the comparison. The table below is a snapshot of pricing on 3rd April 2017 for the four most popular purchases from Pursuit Technology. The right hand column is the percentage saving when buying from Pursuit Technology rather than direct from

Don’t forget, there are no volume discounts when buying from My arm is waiting to be twisted.

Saving compared
to SAPstore
Crystal Reports£412£411£3808%
Crystal Reports
Crystal Server 2016
1 Named User
Crystal Server 2016
5 Concurrent Users

Prices exclude maintenance (19% or 22% on the server licences).

One last thing to remember. Having bought from SAP, you then have to fight your way through their licencing website. We can help with that, or provide direct downloads from our own download site. Cheaper and easier!

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