Crystal Dashboard licensing – sanity at last!

Crystal Dashboard’s a great product that’s always been made difficult to sell by its complex licensing model. It didn’t help having one product with three names (Crystal Dashboard, BusinessObjects Dashboard & Xcelsius), but three different versions was just too much.

When you create a Dashboard, the data can either be in an embedded spreadsheet or in a ‘live’ datasource such as a Universe or Database (via a web service). Distributing with the embedded spreadsheet was free, anything else needed a licence. As the Dashboards were often widely distributed, the licence cost was just too great for many users.

That’s all changed. You can now distribute dashboards freely without any additional cost. All you need is the Departmental Edition which is the same price as Crystal Reports.

For Crystal Server users, this means that you’ll be able to view Dashboards even if you have a Concurrent Licence.

Why the change? SAP realised that as it was impossible to enforce the licencing, they might as well just try and get more users. That’s me being cynical. Perhaps they’re just being nice.

What’s the Workgroup Edition? Sorry if you received an email about the Workgroup Edition. Fingers ahead of brain, it should have said Departmental Edition. I was thinking about the new Lumira licencing.

What’s happening to the Personal Edition? It’s gone. No longer needed as you get far more from the Departmental Edition and it’s much cheaper.

What about the viewing licences? They’re gone too. No longer needed.

And Crystal Presentation Design? It’s still available, but don’t waste your money. You get much more with the Departmental Edition.

What do I need to do? Contact us for a quote for Crystal Dashboard. Good idea to get some training too (we can help with that too).


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