SAP BI 4.2 SP4/Crystal Server 2016 SP4 – What’s New

By | 2nd May 2017

SP4 isn’t out yet, but SAP have released the What’s New notes for perusal.
Download is here: Download

It’s 147 pages, but you can safely ignore 30 pages and the rest has big writing, so don’t be put off! Start at page 18 with the product convergence plans.

A few bits that jumped out at me:

  1. Nice new User Interface for a lot of the product suite. Sadly, this is only ‘first release with limited functionality’. Have a play, but ignore until SP5 or so.
  2. Lots of general improvements for administrators. Nothing to get too excited about, but the platform is definitely moving in the right direction. No more looking in 3 places for a single piece of information. Think instance counts in the Management Console and User Account Status as examples that just make life easier.
  3. Database driver for CMS will reduce the need to write custom code to retrieve information from the CMS.
  4. Lots of performance improvements. It looks like lessons are being learnt from large installations where migration had become almost impossible.
  5. WebIntelligence – lots of changes. Sadly a lot of the new UI is ‘first release with limited functionality’.
  6. Crystal Reports & Crystal Reports for Enterprise (CR4E). CR4E is gaining in functionality on Crystal Reports. Still no sign that Crystal Reports itself will ever be dropped as it’s maintaining parity with new features. Looking more like the two will run in parallel for some time yet.
  7. SDK – lots of nice new bits in the SDK that should make life easier for developers extending the platform.

Not bad, 147 pages reduced to 258 words.

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