Thanks SAP – Sometimes, big companies can be helpful and even flexible.

I spend far too much time being frustrated by people and companies being inflexible, so sometimes it is nice to give a big thumbs up!

Late last year, we were approached by an existing retail customer in Cumbria. The dreadful flooding had affected their business badly and while they wanted to renew their software maintenance, their cashflow just couldn’t allow it. They just needed a little extra time beyond the leeway already allowed in the maintenance agreement. They were already slightly overdue, but well within the extra time SAP allow.

I didn’t expect much, but approached our Account Manager at SAP to see what they could do. Immediate response was how much longer we needed. No ifs, no buts, just how much extra time. I asked for an extra 60 days, but I’m sure they’d have given more if pushed. Only small print was that the maintenance would  be dated from it’s due date, which seemed perfectly fair.

In the end, Christmas trade was better than expected, so all 60 days weren’t needed, but it was great to have a little extra time.

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