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It's your data, use it.

Vendor independent data consulting.


Wherever your data is, we can help. Even those awkward cloud applications. No more data silos.


Present your data in the way you need, no more 200 column spreadsheet downloads!


Build greater understanding and make better-informed decisions though data visualisation.


Share your data and insights. Distribute using email, Slack, SMS or any other way.

Truly Independent

With no vendor affiliations, we can choose the software that best meets your requirements. Not the software that hits a sales target. That includes the use of Open Source software with zero cost and no annual maintenance fees.

Recent projects have used:
Databases: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
Data Integration/ETL: Talend Open Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
Reporting/Visualisation: Metabase, Microsoft PowerBI, SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, QlikView, SAP BI, SAP Crystal Server, R-Tag

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