Metabase 0.48 Released

Another great release from Metabase. I’m just ashamed that I’ve not been writing enough about previous updates. I’ll go through the new stuff in 48 plus some of the other recent additions to this rapidly developing software. There’s a long list of bug fixes which surprised me as I rarely encounter any problems. Looking in […]

PowerBI & CarePlanner – Yes we can

There’s more to reporting than just downloading spreadsheets to fiddle with. We’ve written the extracts to bring your CarePlanner data into PowerBI or any other data visualisation software. Here’s a small example: Yes, I know there are no numbers, there’s a good reason for that! Once designed, the PowerBI report can be securely published to […]

Migrating to Cloud? Make sure you can REST!

Your cloud migration completed successfully. Now you can access your application from anywhere without any concern about maintaining a server or installing client applications. Bliss!Then a colleague or customer requests some data in a specific format. You download a 100 column spreadsheet from the new cloud application, specifying the date range of the records you […]

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