Migrating Crystal Reports to PowerBI? 14 things you should know.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve started to do a lot more work using PowerBI. In terms of planning and designing, it’s similar to QlikView/QlikSense in that you first load and transform data, then do the pretty stuff. I’m now seeing more interest in migrating from Crystal Reports to PowerBI.At first, this made no sense […]

Crystal Reports 2020 goes 64 bit – what you need to know.

It’s finally arrived, but how does the move to a 64 bit report designer change how you work? I’ve installed 2020, where’s Crystal Reports 2016 gone? That side by side install you were hoping for? Sorry, despite the move to 64 bit, you’ll find that your existing 32 bit version of Crystal Reports 2016/13/11 has […]

Lumira Discovery, SAP Dashboard, SAP Anywhere gone or going – what’s next?

Like most people, when I heard that SAP Anywhere was being ‘sunset’ in March, my first though was ‘What’s SAP Anywhere?’. Yes, I thought it was something to do with Sybase SQL Anywhere, but it turned out to be the world’s most obscure cloud accounts package. Next, there was the announcement that SAP Dashboard (aka […]

Migrating to SAP BI4 4.2 SP5 or Crystal Server 2016 SP5? STOP! UPDATE.

UPDATE This has now been fixed: SP4 from patch 000009 onwards SP5 from patch 000400 onwards SP6 For Crystal Server Users, you’ll need to go to SP6. For SAP BI, install the patches or SP6. It looks like there’s a definite problem.I’ve had an odd reply from SAP that talks about moving files from DEV […]

Intel’s Meltdown and database performance

Unless you’ve been on an extended Christmas break with no TV or Internet, you’ll have heard of Intel’s recent troubles. While it’s true that most computers will not be noticeably affected, servers that read and write large amounts of data to disk will be impacted. In my world, that affects two things – databases and […]

Buying from SapStore.com? You paid HOW MUCH?!? 2018 Update

(Updated August 2018 following SAP’s price rise) We don’t normally publish prices on this website. It’s not that we have something to hide, it’s just the complexity of SAP’s price list. There are two different distribution methods, each with its own price list. Each of these is potentially updated every month. That’s about 500 updates […]

Another way to remove subreports from Crystal Reports – ListAgg

I always enjoy tuning reports for customers. I guess it’s the same satisfaction that people get from doing crosswords – a problem is presented (poor performance), you just settle down and work through the problem bit by bit. First thing I do is to review the subreports. While a subreport can be an essential part […]

Crystal Server 2016 Licensing – All change!

This all happened 6 weeks ago, but with holidays and work commitments, it’s taken until now for me to write. I’d hoped SAP would produce a nice simple guide that I could just link to, but that would be too easy. The only other mention I’ve seen is a rather fanciful interpretation by another reseller […]

Sparkline charts in Crystal Reports!

Sadly, the sparklines below no longer work as Google have turned off the charts. Image-charts looked like a good alternative, but they only server the images over https which Crystal still doesn’t support. It’s probably possible to do something clever with a web service, I’ll look if I get the time. I had an interesting […]

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