SAP Licence Compliance – prevention is better than cure!

This is my 2nd post on licensing. The plan is to highlight common errors that lead to problems with compliance. Hopefully, I won’t receive any passive-aggressive emails/telephone calls requesting edits this time! The current SAP Software Use Rights document is 76 pages long. The information below is to help you around the common mistakes. It’s […]

When software licensing is like a cork in a bottle of wine

21 years ago, I was still working in the wine trade. At the time, the vast majority of wine was sealed with a traditional cork. Wines at the cheaper end of the market would often use agglomerate corks (bits of cork glued together). Some wines were starting to use artificial corks, but they were often […]

Still have a single CPU licence for reports?

This is the first in a series of posts about licence compliance. It’s always difficult to get independent advice on licensing, so I’m attempting to highlight some potential pitfalls. Given the complexities and potential liabilities, you should always refer to your own licences. I’ve been trying to source some useful guidelines from SAP without success. […]

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