Using CarePlanner and Wagestream to improve staff retention

Your carers and appointments are in CarePlanner. You want to use Wagestream to allow your carers to be paid sooner. What to do?

Harder still, CarePlanner doesn’t calculate how much your carers are due until you run your timesheets. That’s just too late.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work. First, we drag the data from CarePlanner (great support from CarePlanner too). Next we knock it into shape using 20+ years of experience with awkward data. Then we send the data (beautifully formatted) to Wagestream. Finally, the nice people at Wagestream send us a confirmation that the data looks good.

End result: your carers can draw their pay the day after their appointments are confirmed. Happy carers.

More good news: the software we use is all open source (aka FREE!), so that avoids expensive software licences.

For more than ‘just’ the appointments, we can integrate all of this with your accounts system.

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