R-Tag Report Management & Viewing

We’re pleased to be the first UK Reseller of R-Tag’s software providing some of the best Crystal Reports Management & Viewing software available.

Most of the products below are all integrated into one application with the licence switching on the correct functionality. You start with the basic Crystal Viewer. Moving up to Scheduler adds flexible scheduling options. The Pro version supports more than just Crystal Reports. Then add documentation to see details of your report design. Finally, add version control to manage your reports as they change.

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R-Tag Crystal Viewer
Viewer for Crystal reports
Includes cascading parameters, templates for parameters’ values, programmable default values.
History journal, optimization reports.

R-Tag Report Viewer Pro
Viewer for Crystal reports, SSRS, SQL Ad-hoc reports and Dynamic Dashboards.
Cascading parameters, templates for parameters’ values, programmable default values.
User roles and permissions management.
History journal, optimization reports.
Multithreading: Run multiple reports simultaneously. Export to local file, e-mail, SharePoint, Office365
Support for network SQL Server database. Deploy a report and make it instantly available to all users with appropriate permissions. Data driven reports for SSRS, Crystal Reports and Ad-hoc SQL queries.
Data driven report is a report, which can be run multiple times and can retrieve the parameters from a database. Example : get the list of the customers with balance > 0, run invoice report per each customer, export it to a pdf, excel, html or other format and send it to the customer e-mail.


R-Tag Crystal Reports Scheduler
Schedule Crystal reports.
License for one R-Tag Crystal Viewer is included.
Batch reports (jobs):  group multiple reports and local files and run them as one report.

R-Tag Report Scheduler Pro 
Schedule Crystal reports, SSRS, Dynamic Dashboards and SQL Ad-hoc reports.
License for one R-Tag Pro Viewer is included
Batch reports (jobs): group multiple reports and local files and run them as one report. Allows you to combine reports from different types (Crystal reports and SSRS and SQL Ad-hoc).
Includes a license for R-Tag Crystal Data Source

Crystal reports management tools

R-Tag Crystal Reports Documentation and Search
Create documentation, search and compare Crystal reports
Includes a licence for R-Tag Crystal Data Source

R-Tag Crystal Reports Version Control
Includes a licence for R-Tag Crystal Reports Documentation and Search
Keeps track of the changes and allows to compare and restore previous versions of the same report. Allows report to be locked for editing.

R-Tag Crystal Data Source
Tool to change Crystal Reports database connection for all reports in a folder
Free with R-Tag Scheduler Pro, R-Tag Crystal Reports Documentation and Search and R-Tag Crystal Version Control.

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