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Desktop application to generate documentation for Crystal reports. Search reports’ metadata and find specific text, table, field, property value etc. Find the differences between reports, which look the same but … who knows if they are. This will take seconds with R-Tag Documentation and Search (in fact it takes milliseconds). VERY fast and simple to use, finding what is inside your crystal reports is not a week long project anymore. This tool is build on top of R-Tag Crystal Viewer, so you can search and document your reports, but you can also run them.

Search options
  • Text fields, SQL Expressions, Formulas, Formatting formulas
  • Record and Group selection formulas
  • Connection Database name
  • Connection Server name
  • Tables, Stored procedures, Commands
  • Table fields
  • Parameters
  • Running totals
  • Report objects
  • Report properties

Sample uses

  • Enforce company coding conventions. For example find all reports with saved data or paper size set to non-standard value.
  • Find all reports, which are using changed tables or stored procedures and run them to confirm that they are working properly.
  • Compare reports like Sales_new.rpt and Sales_old.rpt to find what are the differences and to decide if you really need to keep the old report.
  • Retrieve SQLs for reports even if the database is not available. Crystal reports require a database connection in order to show the report’s SQL. Of course R-Tag will get the actual SQL if the database is available. However, in cases when the database is not available, R-Tag will generate a SQL , which might not be the exact SQL send to the database , but will allow you to use it if you need it for other reports or direct queries.
  • Before removing a printer from the network check if any report is using it. Crystal report is reading the page settings from the printer. If a report is using a specific printer, which is not available it will wait until timeout error is raised and then will switch to the default printer. Because of the timeout the report will become noticeable slower.

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