Crystal Server Mobile licences – now they’re free

Looks like SAP’s licensing team have been drinking from the font of common sense. Not only have they fixed Dashboard licences, they’ve also decided the Mobile licences for Crystal Server should be free. Better than that, even concurrent (CAL) users get to play with reports & dashboards on their iPads & Androids.

What’s a mobile licence give me? Think of it as a cut down version of the BI Portal (previously InfoView). You can view reports and dashboards and receive notifications of updates in a simplified interface.

How do I get it? Search for SAP BusinessObjects Mobile in the Apple App Store, or look here. Android users go here.

Can I get a sample? Download the app, contains plenty to push and prod. Just bear in mind that it also includes WebI samples.

What do I need to do on my Crystal Server? Not a lot for Crystal Reports. Bit more for Dashboards (mostly testing and saving as mobile). You may have to change your firewall to allow access. If you buy some extra licences, we’ll help you get the server side working.

What’s it best for? iPad version is ahead of Android. The implementation of Dashboards is stunning.

Why the change? I told you – font of common sense. More seriously, if a licence can’t be enforced, is little understood and rarely sold, why bother

What about Windows? Phone users still out in the cold (I have a Lumia 1020). I’m hoping for a Universal App. In the meantime, you can use the full BI Portal. It’s finger friendly, but no dashboards on the phone (you need a Surface for that).



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