rptView for Crystal Reports (old version)


Free version of rptView. Uses the old runtime and misses the goodies in the later releases.

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RptView was first released over 10 years ago as a paid-for viewer of Crystal Reports. Most importantly, it allowed users to refresh data rather than just view a report with saved data. It then changed to an ad-supported application, but adverts are annoying, so we don’t see why you should suffer!

It’s now a free, though unsupported application. You can view a report by just double-clicking an rpt file. Alternatively, launch the full application and set a folder that contains your report. If the folder has subfolders, you can select which folder to view. You can optionally keep saved data or refresh to see the latest information.

All functionality of the Crystal Reports up to 2013 is supported. This includes great stuff like optional parameters, but doesn’t include the new vertical alignment of text.

If you do need support, we can cap the cost of fixing any problems you come across. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge for it.

Licence limitations – RptView uses the Crystal Reports runtime. This means it’s free to run on a Windows PC. It’s not free to run using Terminal Services or similar server software unless you own a copy of Crystal Reports. I don’t make the rules, just need to let you know how it works.

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