Another way to remove subreports from Crystal Reports – ListAgg

I always enjoy tuning reports for customers. I guess it’s the same satisfaction that people get from doing crosswords – a problem is presented (poor performance), you just settle down and work through the problem bit by bit. First thing I do is to review the subreports. While a subreport can be an essential part […]

SQL Server Standard 2016 – finally, a reason to upgrade!

Since MS SQL Server 2005, there have been 5 releases (2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016). Each new release came with some interesting new features – for those on the Enterprise Edition. For the majority of users, on SQL Server Standard, there were updates to the user interface and some security patches, but nothing to […]

Crystal Server 2016 Licensing – All change!

This all happened 6 weeks ago, but with holidays and work commitments, it’s taken until now for me to write. I’d hoped SAP would produce a nice simple guide that I could just link to, but that would be too easy. The only other mention I’ve seen is a rather fanciful interpretation by another reseller […]

Capsule CRM reporting using Crystal Reports

Customer: Care provider Our customer switched to Capsule CRM to handle their recruitment process. Capsule provides a really efficient way to create and monitor the recruitment workflow from first contact through interviews to training. Problem is, the database is ‘up there’ in the cloud. Typically of many cloud platforms, the focus is on data in. […]

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