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This page is no longer maintained. You’ve probably arrived here from a search engine. For downloads, please refer to: Downloads

You need to be a registered user with download authorization on this site to download. Use the contact form to request authorization. It’s free to Pursuit Technology customers with current SAP maintenance. If you’re not a customer, happy to discuss options.

We’re currently in the process of publishing our extensive catalogue of installers and service packs. This is taking a while! If you need something specific, please ask. We’ve done our best with the download descriptions. If you find something is flagged as an installer when it’s a service pack, or vice-versa, please accept our apologies.

We’ve changed the descriptions of the products to meet the current naming conventions. Hence, Crystal Reports Server 2008 is shown as Crystal Server 2008. This just makes the sort order better and makes it easier to find the required products. Most confusing naming is around the product now called SAP BI, previously known as Enterprise; listed here as BI/Enterprise.

The downloads are a mixture of zip, iso and exe. If you’re struggling try 7-zip from


Service Packs








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