Migrating to SAP BI4 4.2 SP5 or Crystal Server 2016 SP5? STOP!

UPDATE This has now been fixed: SP4 from patch 000009 onwards SP5 from patch 000400 onwards SP6 For Crystal Server Users, you’ll need to go to SP6. For SAP BI, install the patches or SP6.   First, if you’re just doing a fresh install with no old content to migrate then go ahead. 4.2 SP5 […]

Thanks SAP – Sometimes, big companies can be helpful and even flexible.

I spend far too much time being frustrated by people and companies being inflexible, so sometimes it is nice to give a big thumbs up! Late last year, we were approached by an existing retail customer in Cumbria. The dreadful flooding had affected their business badly and while they wanted to renew their software maintenance, their […]

£3400 of software for £850! SAP Edge BI now available as a single user licence.

Changes to software licensing always make me groan – simplification normally means the price has increased. Anything else normally means it’s become more complex. Edge BI is nice and simple – named or concurrent licences. You then get the kitchen sink of software thrown at you! Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports for Enterprise, Crystal Dashboard, Web Intelligence, Lumira […]

Crystal Reports Documentation and Version Control from R-Tag

Pleased to announce that Pursuit Technology are the first reseller for R-Tag’s Crystal Reports Management Software in the UK, covering UK and Ireland. We’ll be publishing a series of posts on these great products over the next few weeks with more details of the great functionality. In the meantime, if you’re looking for documentation, version […]

Using Database Triggers to increase information available to report designers

When you first start designing reports, you add tables using a wizard, work out the joins between the tables. Then you’re off. First report designed in no time at all. A few weeks later, you’ve designed all the easy reports. Then you learn to use subreports for that data that just won’t join. A little […]

Adding a QR Code to Crystal Reports

I just had an interesting support question from a customer, and felt the need to put pen to paper. They’re finding that regular barcodes are getting too long, so want to switch to using QR Codes for their ID badges. They use Crystal Reports to print the IDs, so need a solution for Crystal Reports. […]

Letting users add comments to a Crystal Report after it has run

I had an interesting question from a new customer last week. They use Crystal Reports to analyse some data, but want users to be able to add comments to the report after it’s been run. No point adding them before, as the comments were a quote for work that was only known to be required […]

Why oh Why my Y-Axis, or what part of integer don’t you understand?

I recently met with a customer to discuss their requirements for some new Crystal Reports. In passing, they mentioned a problem they were having with the formatting of the Y-Axis on a chart. The problem was that the chart was being used to display a count, but values was displaying one decimal place which makes […]

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