Windows Update for Azerbaijani Manat and the Georgian Lari currency symbols fixes problem with Crystal Reports 9 & 10!

That’s not a headline I ever expected to write!

I’d just logged in to check a customer’s servers had updated correctly over the weekend to see that there was an outstanding, optional update for Windwos Server 2008. It’s also for every later version of Windows – Server & Client.

It’s KB3102429 from 19th January. Further details from Microsoft:

Without this update, Crystal Reports 9 & 10 are unable to export to PDF. It’s not a problem I’ve ever come across, would be interested to here if it’s affected anybody out there. I doubt it affects the server products as Crystal Enterprise 9 & 10 aren’t supported on Windows Server 2008 or later. That’s ‘not supported’ as in ‘doesn’t work at all’.

Kudos to Microsoft for fixing a problem in an unsupported version of Crystal Reports.

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