Crystal Server 2011 – Time to plan that upgrade you’ve been putting off

The official line from SAP:

Crystal Server 2011 Standard and Enterprise Maintenance Notice

Crystal Server 2011 mainstream maintenance is scheduled to end Dec 31st  2015.  Crystal Server 2011 customers with current support may continue to renew this year and during 2016.  At the end of mainstream maintenance, priority-one support will begin and continue through Dec 31st  2017 for customers with active maintenance contracts.   During priority-one support, customers will be able to download the most recent versions of the software but support will be limited to handling of priority one messages only.  For more details, please visit:

OK, I admit, that does give plenty of time, so no need to panic yet. However, the upgrade is very simple. Unusually, we recommend doing an in-place upgrade as it’s only a point release. If you’re planning a new server, migration can be done, it just takes longer.

We still recommend using our consultancy services. It doesn’t normally take more than half a day, but if there are any problems, best to have some experience to put things right. And a good backup!

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