Migrating Crystal Reports to PowerBI? 14 things you should know.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve started to do a lot more work using PowerBI. In terms of planning and designing, it’s similar to QlikView/QlikSense in that you first load and transform data, then do the pretty stuff. I’m now seeing more interest in migrating from Crystal Reports to PowerBI.At first, this made no sense […]

SAP BI 4.3, but want the BI Portal from 4.2? Here’s the solution.

SAP BI 4.3/Crystal Server 2020 comes with the new Fiori launch pad. It’s the one that looks like this: The old 4.2 looks more like this: Admittedly, the new one is much more ‘modern’, but once you’ve got loads of users working from home right now and don’t have the time to retrain them for […]

Crystal Reports 2020 goes 64 bit – what you need to know.

It’s finally arrived, but how does the move to a 64 bit report designer change how you work? I’ve installed 2020, where’s Crystal Reports 2016 gone? That side by side install you were hoping for? Sorry, despite the move to 64 bit, you’ll find that your existing 32 bit version of Crystal Reports 2016/13/11 has […]

Metabase – easy, open source way to ask questions and learn from data.

After 7 months of working with Metabase Dashboards at customer sites, I though it was about time I started talking about it! Our product page is here, the product showcase will be along once time permits. With the demise of Crystal Dashboard (Xcelsius), I spent some time looking at alternative products. The obvious first choice […]

When software licensing is like a cork in a bottle of wine

21 years ago, I was still working in the wine trade. At the time, the vast majority of wine was sealed with a traditional cork. Wines at the cheaper end of the market would often use agglomerate corks (bits of cork glued together). Some wines were starting to use artificial corks, but they were often […]

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