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SAP BI 4.2 SP4/Crystal Server 2016 SP4 – What’s New

SP4 isn’t out yet, but SAP have released the What’s New notes for perusal. Download is here: It’s 147 pages, but you can safely ignore 30 pages and the rest has big writing, so don’t be put off! Start at page 18 with the product convergence plans. A few bits that jumped out at me: Nice new User… Read More »

Predictive Analytics in HR

I’ve had an interesting month experimenting with Predictive Analytics using a customer’s anonymised recruitment data. First, I used SAP Predictivie Analytics. It’s a great product, but I found that I felt ‘too distant’ from the analytics process. While the end result is explained in statistical terms, I wanted more control over how the result was generated. I’ve experience… Read More »

Crystal Server 2016 – July Update

Since my original post about the licensing updates, there has been further clarification from SAP. There are now two separate ways of licencing Crystal Server. The ‘old’ way of just buying some licences and paying an annual maintenance fee to a reseller, or the new way of signing a maintenance agreement with SAP as part of the purchase… Read More »

Crystal Dashboard 2016 Evaluation Download

Crystal Dashboard 2016 (aka Dashboard 4.2) evaluations are now available. There’s no direct from SAP download link yet, so you’ll need to request download permission and be a customer of Pursuit Technology to download: For the licence key, you just need to register: Once we have an official download link from SAP, the requirement to be a customer… Read More »