Metabase – easy, open source way to ask questions and learn from data.

After 7 months of working with Metabase Dashboards at customer sites, I though it was about time I started talking about it! Our product page is here, the product showcase will be along once time permits. With the demise of Crystal Dashboard (Xcelsius), I spent some time looking at alternative products. The obvious first choice […]

Crystal Dashboard in a Flash-free world

Hint: It involves HTML5! I first used Crystal Dashboard (then known as Xcelsius) in 2004 or 2005. Back then, the fact that the dashboards were deployed as Flash files was a selling point. Flash was available on over 90% of clients and Adobe had great plans for further developing the platform. Then, it all changed. […]

Buying from You paid HOW MUCH?!? 2018 Update

(Updated August 2018 following SAP’s price rise) We don’t normally publish prices on this website. It’s not that we have something to hide, it’s just the complexity of SAP’s price list. There are two different distribution methods, each with its own price list. Each of these is potentially updated every month. That’s about 500 updates […]

SQL Server Standard 2016 – finally, a reason to upgrade!

Since MS SQL Server 2005, there have been 5 releases (2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016). Each new release came with some interesting new features – for those on the Enterprise Edition. For the majority of users, on SQL Server Standard, there were updates to the user interface and some security patches, but nothing to […]

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