rptView 2020

Still the simplest Crystal Report viewer with data refresh on the market, now upgraded to use the latest SAP Crystal Reports 2016 engine plus a few extras.

It’s not free any more, but it is only £10 per user. No evaluations, discounts for larger orders. If you’re not sure if it meets your needs, use the older rptView for Crystal Reports and look at the list below for the new functionality.

What’s new (2018):

  • Add a database username and password. Just the one though as we’re keeping this simple.
  • Report Title, Subject, Author and Comments visible from rptView Explorer.
  • Crystal Reports 2016 runtime supporting all the latest features.
  • User Interface enlarged for easier use on touch screens.
  • Send email of report as pdf directly from the report view using Outlook (no longer need to export the file first).

What’s new (2019):

  • Speed improvements – all report information is now cached reducing program start to seconds.
  • List of frequently viewed reports
  • History of reports viewed
  • Shortcut keys

What’s new (2020):

  • Snapshots – keep an unlimited number of copies of your report with saved data for later viewing. Great for comparing this week to last etc.
  • Multiple database usernames & passwords – The older versions were limited to just one global username and password. This was to keep the user interface as simple as possible. We think we’ve been able to introduce support for different passwords by database without introducing complexity.
  • Latest version of Crystal runtime – Now using the SP27 release for the latest bug-fixes.
  • 64 bit only – it’s a 64 bit world now, so time to move on from 32 bit database drivers. If this is a major problem for you, we’d appreciate the feedback as we could be persuaded to add 32 bit again.

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