SAP BI 4.2/Edge 4.2 released

Short and sweet!

If you have current maintenance for SAP BI4.2 or Edge 4.2, you will now be able to download the new release. You’ll need a new licence key, request through the normal SAP site.

Our test server should be available within the next few days and we’ll be seeing how smoothly in-place upgrades go. We’re planning a special offer on upgrades when you buy some extra licences. Not determined the details yet, but please let us know if you’re interested.

No confirmation on Crystal Server 2016 yet. If you have maintenance, you may see the download’s available, but you’ll get an authorisation error. Official word is not until Summer.

Crystal Reports 2016 is available as part of the Edge BI download, not available as a standalone item yet. Same for Crystal Dashboard.

For the details of what’s new see our earlier post.

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