SAP BI Event Server not monitoring File Events after migration

Had a strange problem with File Events after migrating reports from an existing Crystal Server 2011  (SAP BI 4.1) to Crystal Server 2013 (SAP BI 4.2). The customer was making extensive use of File Events to trigger reports. It was nice to see the feature being used well, but for some strange reason the events weren’t being triggered when the file was updated.

We went through all the normal tests – file rights, network paths, created a new event for testing. All appeared correctly. Then, on checking the metrics of the Event Server, noticed that only 15 files were being monitored when there were in excess of 20 file Events.

Solution: edit each event. Add some text to the description and enable alerting for the event. Save, then delete the monitored file. You’ll now see the file being monitored in the Event Server’s metrics.

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