Specialist Crystal Report design with a focus on ‘perfect’ exports to Word and Excel.

Customer: FTSE 100 Utility

The FTSE 100 Utility required very accurate formatting in Crystal Reports. The final reports were to be used for sending out quotes in both pdf and word format. As any frequent user of Crystal Reports knows, this can be an error prone task with seemingly trivial changes to a report changing the final export formatting significantly..
Pursuit Technology’s long experience with Crystal Reports ensured that we were able to produce reports with the very exact formatting required for the task.
To ensure costs were kept to a minimum, a sample database was sent to Pursuit Technology’s office so that all work on the reports could take place remotely. This increased the flexibility we were able to offer as we could then charge by the hour rather than the Less common day rate.
We have now worked on three projects with client and look forward to future work.


  • Crystal Reports
  • Oracle

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