SAP BI Event Server not monitoring File Events after migration

Had a strange problem with File Events after migrating reports from an existing Crystal Server 2011  (SAP BI 4.1) to Crystal Server 2013 (SAP BI 4.2). The customer was making extensive use of File Events to trigger reports. It was nice to see the feature being used well, but for some strange reason the events […]

Problem using Gmail for SMTP with SAP BI/Crystal Server

A customer had been using Gmail for their SAP BI SMTP server for the last 6 months. All worked fine and setup was simple. Early in February, they started to have intermittent problems sending reports by email. Probably once a week, the schedules would just fail. The fix was to simply rerun the failed instance. […]

Crystal Server 2011 – Time to plan that upgrade you’ve been putting off

The official line from SAP: Crystal Server 2011 Standard and Enterprise Maintenance Notice Crystal Server 2011 mainstream maintenance is scheduled to end Dec 31st  2015.  Crystal Server 2011 customers with current support may continue to renew this year and during 2016.  At the end of mainstream maintenance, priority-one support will begin and continue through Dec […]

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